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In these uncertain times, leadership is central to the survival of every organisation. Project Namahadi is a highly focused and structured, cognitive-experiential program for new and exisiting leaders.

Often leadership courses are run in a course room where individuals are bombarded with theory and example case studies. Once out of this environment, and placed into a real life situation, where these skills have to be applied, the individual experiences a series of failures and difficulties. Project Namahadi is designed to bridge this gap.

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What the team will experience?

Project Namahadi is designed to take place in three different terrains so as to accommodate groups of different fitness levels. Teams can experience this powerful leadership development program in the Num Num Valley, the Namahadi Pass, Moon Landscape and on Mount Kilimanjaro.

The process allows each person in the program to learn and apply these leadership skills taught in a practical way with real-time feedback and evaluation. The delegates' confidence and certainty grows by the minute, as they receive feedback and coaching from other leaders. They return to the workplace better equipped to lead. 

More information on the Process

The process is a residential one which is run either as an in-house service or as a public program. Both options have their advantages.

Delegates need to have the ability to jog 5 kilometres without strain in order to be eligible for the program. In certain cases, we may require a medical practitioner's evaluation in order to accept a delegate onto the program.

Delegates will experience what it is like to live and survive out in the wilderness or mountain area without the usual creature comforts of a conference centre. We use the outdoors as our learning centre.

The program has a combination of theory and personalised coaching inputs along with practical hands-on coaching experiences where delegates are encouraged to practice the tools and skills taught in a wide range of conditions and circumstances.

Delegates learn the power of feedback, grow their ability to get others to get things done and discover the power of emotional intelligence.

Why Use Project Namahadi?

Leadership is central to the success of any team. Project Namahadi empowers leaders to be able to return to the workplace and get compliance, co-ooperation and raise morale for the better. It teaches leaders the power of Start-Do-Finish.

It helps leaders build confidence, certainty and raise their overall level of communication.

Specifications, Objectives and Outcomes

Project Namahadi detailed Specifications:

The target group's needs are to:
  • Increase their problem solving ability
  • Handle interpersonal issues
  • Open up to the bigger picture
  • Break down silos and fixed ideas
  • Cope under pressure
  • Plan, organise and produce more effectively
The focus areas are on:
  • Enhancing interpersonal delegation skills
  • Aligning the group behind the company vision, mission and goal
  • Creating a culture of problem solving
  • Planning, organising and producing a valuable final product
  • Enhancing group communication
  • Gearing all individuals with the ability to become open to learning
  • Focusing the energy of all individuals to a common goal
  • Enhancing teamwork ability
  • Increasing the ability to handle intense time pressure
  • Enhancing personal ability
  • Getting the understanding that a group is stronger than the individual

Added features that come forth are:

  • An acknowledgement that the team is able to work together effectively
  • The identification of individuals who have leadership potential
  • Breakdown of personal issues and problem areas



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