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Put on your apron and bakers hat and bake the perfect cake, decorate it and take home the title of Cake Master as a team. Create a perfectly decorated cupcake or a three tier masterpiece.

This team build draws its inspiration from the popular television show. Impress our panel of professional bakers with your butter-icing and fondant figurines.

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What the team will experience?

The delegates' creativity is encouraged by each team creating a logo which they paint onto their tablecloth, aprons and hats. The entire baking process is then captured on video. Delegates are interviewed and a real live cooking show unfolds as the delegates go through the process of preparing a selection of cakes, cupcakes or one three tier masterpiece.

After the judging, teams are given the opportunity to taste each other’s cakes and watch their own baking shows. Awards are then presented for Best Pateserie, Chef, Best Cake, Best Presentation, Best Cameraman etc., which serves as a memento of an unforgettable baking experience.


Detailed Specifications

  1. The target group’s needs are to:
    • Gain an emotional connection with co-workers
    • Cope under time pressure
    • Enhance planning and execution
  2. The focus areas are on:
    • Extreme amounts of fun
    • Enhancing productivity
    • Creating an affinity for the brand and the organisation as a whole
    • Enhancing group communication
    • Enhancing teamwork ability
    • Increasing the ability to handle intense time pressure
  3. Added features that emerge are:
    • An enthusiastic drive to get behind the values of the organisation
    • A sense of accomplishment that the group can deliver a valuable final product in a limited time frame
    • Increased group morale and connectivity

Included and Excluded in Core Costing

Included in 'So you think you can Bake':

  • Professional process facilitation
  • Professional technical facilitation and support
  • Professional facilitated feedback session
  • All equipment needed

Excluded in 'So you think you can Bake':

  • All venue hire and venue-related costs such as meals and refreshments
  • Additional DVD edited copies of the “Behind the Scenes” movie @ R100.00 each excl Vat. (To be delivered 14 days after the intervention)
  • Refreshments and meals for our facilitators
  • Accommodation for our facilitators if required
  • Flights and car rental if required
  • Travel costs @ R 5.50 / km
  • Setup and strike fee of R750



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