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You have seen various magic tricks performed and also wanted to know how magicians produce these tricks. With A Moment of Magic you will have the opportunity to be part of the magic.  You will learn your very own tricks from our resident magician and have the opportunity to entertain your colleagues.
We will divide the group into teams and each team has to put together a 4-5 minute show performing their very own magic.  Delegates will have access to video training material to learn the tricks and will also be able to ask questions to ensure that you well prepared.

Teams will compete against each other to put on the best “Illusionary Extravaganza” under professional facilitation. You will have a Master of Ceremonies, the Magician and a Magicians Assistant amongst other roles. The key to success is a successful and entertaining 4 - 5 minutes set. We will provide all the equipment needed and the teams will have one hour to orientate themselves and prepare their segment for the show.

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Objectives of the Moment of Magic

Delegates will learn the 10 steps of magic as they work out how to perform a range of easy, medium and difficult tricks.  They will watch our master magician do his stuff as well as each enter their very own magic studio and learn what it is that the audience wants to see. They will develop an act using a basic magic set and select combination of presentation styles as part up the up front draw from the hat.
These include: Street Magic, Close Up Magic, Parlor Magic, Stage Magic, Mentalism, Escape and Grand Illusions!
What makes it exciting is that we will have a magician available to coach and guide each group. They might not reveal all the tricks, but will give tips on how to perform these tricks and give each team an advantage for their act as they practice and rehearse. We also welcome delegates adding some tricks of their own.

Our criteria for each act includes the following:

  • Each much be original
  • They may include some classic tricks
  • They will challenged to think of idea that has never been performed before
  • They will have to decide how to accomplish the effect
  • They will have to make it convincing
  • They will have to make some of the equipment they use

We will be looking for a unique style of performing.  Teams will have to get organized, use their collective creativity and imagination and then select the appropriate costume accessories… then it is show time!

Typical Itinerary including a keynote speaker

Welcome, briefing and safety orientation (20 minutes)

  • Our magician presents his keynote presentation and links the magic into your objectives for the session (35 - 40 minutes)
  • Teams break away to start practice sessions and rehearse their show (60 - 70 minutes)
  • Build up the excitement for the show to start (5 minutes)
  • First set of magic performances (30 minutes - depending on the number of teams)
  • Break (15 minutes)
  • Second set of performances(30 Minutes - depending on the number of teams)
  • Grand Finale (10 Minutes)
  • Debrief and prize giving

Meet our magician and illusionist, master of intrigue and wonder. Able to amaze, mystify and enrapture, he can release you from reality; suspend your disbelief and most importantly make you dream...

  1. Increase commitment to a common goal
  2. Awareness to hold and control attention
  3. Increase the level of trust and co-operation between members of the team
  4. To significantly raise ability in terms of problem solving
  5. Unlock and harness imagination
  6. Raise camaraderie and team spirit in a fun and entertaining way
  7. To practically take the magic of your organization home with your people



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